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Central Air Conditioner Unit - HVAC Terms

The central air conditioner is a modern miracle of technology. Most people take it for granted. Many people think of it as that box with a fan out in the yard. But, there is so much more “going on” in the “system” than meets the eye and like most mechanical things it requires care, and regular maintenance. When your air conditioning system starts to go bad, it’s not as easy to detect as, say, bald tires on your car.

Central air conditioners are not just a single unit. It consists of several components distributed inside and outside your home or business.  These components include an evaporator (or cooling coil(s)), compressor(s), condenser(s) and associated support hardware (such as thermostats, etc.).

And don’t forget the ductwork that connects it all together. To maintain proper air circulation and ventilation, a good quality duct is a very necessary component of the complete system. Inadequate ductwork can cause the leaking of cool air into spaces of your home or business that you don’t want cooled. This will cause your energy bill to be too high. It’s like your momma used to say; “We don’t want to cool the whole neighborhood.” In this case, however, the neighborhood is your attic or crawl spaces.

Central Air Conditioner Supply Ducts

One of the main support components of the central air conditioner system is the blower motor, which blows the cool air through the duct system. This component is usually part of the furnace. If your furnace is older than 15 years, the blower motor may not be able to perform efficiently enough for you to get full benefit from your new central air system.  In that case, you may want to replace the furnace at the same time as you replace the air conditioning unit so that your A/C will perform to its rated efficiency.

Another, less glamorous, but very necessary, support component is the air filter. You might be surprised at how well your air conditioning unit will run, and how long it will last if you just change out the air filter every month with a clean high quality filter. And, by the way, the cheaper filters may be less expensive but they do not perform as well and can cost you more in maintenance in the long run. Pleated air filters offer more surface space to capture contaminants and pollutants and therefore are recommended above the cheap fiberglass ones.

Central Air Conditioner vs Window Units

Using individual room air conditioners is not a very energy-efficient choice for cooling a home or business. Their use is not just hard on your energy bill, but the temperature is seldom consistent from room to room, which negatively affects you comfort level.

The central air conditioner not only provides the function of cooling the indoor air, but also circulates, cleans, dehumidifies or, in some cases, humidifies the air too.

The central air conditioner can help control the pollen and other pollutants in your home more easily than window units. This is because there is but one air intake point, and that makes filtering much easier. My wife has allergies so we use special filters that are approved by the American Lung Association. If you have allergies (or anyone in your family does) I recommend this type of filter. They really make a difference. If cost is a factor, you can find cheaper prices by shopping for them in discount stores or even on the Internet.

Protect Your Central Air Conditioner

A springtime check-up of your air conditioning system could cut an air conditioner’s operating cost by as much as 10 percent and provide more cooling capacity as well. Also, an annual checkup can catch and fix problems early that could cause you and your family a lot of grief during the inevitable busy summer “heat wave”. Have you ever had to wait two to three days for a trusted A/C repair man during the busy season? Plan ahead. Change your filter regularly. Get an annual checkup for your system. Keep your central air conditioner system well maintained, and be “COOL” for a long time.

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