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Ever since Lennox came out with their solar air conditioner “system”, a lot of interest in Solar Air has been directed toward this new area of HVAC.

The following video is a demonstration of an air conditioner being run totally by solar panels. It shows this new “solar air conditioner” technology in its very basic state. This is NOT a Lennox demo! It is a third party proof of concept. The reality is that Solar AC is not only feasible but is here NOW! …more about that later.

A Solar Air Conditioner in Action

Description of the Solar Air Conditioner Demo

What you are looking at is a 13,500 BTU air conditioner being run exclusively off 24 volts DC directly from a six panel 1080 watt solar array (180 watts per panel). Of course, in a home environment you would have backup batteries that would be charged from the array and also the power grid when it is overcast outside. The capacitance of the batteries also acts as a voltage regulator, thereby keeping the source voltage at a constant 24 volts DC (no power fluctuations) which is important to the long life of the air conditioner unit.

At one point in the video a technician walks in front of the solar array and you can hear the noise of the air conditioning unit change, which indicates that it was not getting enough electrical power. This type of fluctuation is what the batteries would prevent.

As I said earlier, this is a demo or proof of concept. The A/C in this demo is small (13,500 BTUs) – which is basically a window air conditioner. But, a full central air conditioning system is now available through Lennox. This demo is not connected to Lennox but gives you an idea of what can be done on a larger scale – like Lennox does.

Air Conditioning Arlington Tx (TNS Mechanical) is an authorized dealer and installer of Lennox cutting edge products, including their new SunSource Home Energy System – which includes a Solar Air Conditioner!

Air Conditioning Arlington Tx |  Solar Air Conditioner

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Air Conditioning Arlington Tx | Solar Air Conditioner | Proof of Concept